Saturday 29 September 2012

Brecon Beacons Pictures

Raw Black and White files ready for editing, will shoot for another couple of days and get back to editing when the bad weather comes!!!
Taking Brecon Beacons Pictures...

So far on my Brecon Beacons National Park project I have been concentrating on the waterfalls. At this time of year the trees are just starting to shed the leaves making for very mystical scenes. We have come across some amazing sights already this season, very inspiring times.

I love being a Fine Art Landscape photographer when I have adventures like I have had so far over the last couple of days, clambering up the side of a 30 foot waterall for an awesome shot, nearly loosing my camera bag down a gorge as I only had a couple of feet to work with and the smile on my face standing behind Sgwd yr Eira was truly amazing!!! Really looking forward to photographing the national park right the way through this Autumn and Winter - Dartmoor National Park next week though...

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