Monday 3 September 2012

Slapton Sands Torcross Storms

Slapton Sands Torcross Storms - 
by Dartmouth Artist & Photographer Craig Howarth

Slapton Sands Torcross Storms
Image Title: The Surf 2
Fine Art Landscape Photographer: Craig Howarth

This is the type of weather I'm so excited to see again hopefully this autumn. Stormy, dramatic and fast moving skies coupled with stunning rough seas. These are the conditions that really gets your heart pumping as you hear the waves crashing against the the tiny pebbles along the Slapton Sands beach.

I have spent most of this weekend finding new locations around Dartmouth, Castle Cove and then up to Little Dartmouth for my new collection of images. With the correct weather conditions,  and the official start to Autumn on 21st September I really can't wait to start shooting my new planned images!!! With a full moon on the 29th I think this will be the perfect time...

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