Tuesday 24 July 2012

Waiting for Sunrise

Waiting for the Sunrise at Castle Cove Dartmouth
Waiting for the Sunrise
Alarm goes of at 4:00am, you leave the house in the dark and head off to your location to see if today will be the sunrise, that will set apart from all the others you have seen. Recently, when I was endeavouring to capture one such sunrises on the Devon coast in Dartmouth, the Weather forecast the night before was perfect a couple of light clouds that usually add to the dramatic feel of most of my shots.

I arrive at my location at 4:45 and then start waiting for the sunrise, hoping everything will fall into place, exposure set on what I estimate it will be I relax and wait. As all Landscape photographers will know you are not always greeted with that outstanding display of nature you anticipated but one completely different. This was one of those occasions, what I thought would be a dramatic and inspiring sunrise was in fact a very stormy foreboding scene that excited me to capture the emotion this venue stirred in me. Always rewarding even waiting for the sunrise that didn’t unfold still enabled me to capture such a stunning displays of the force of nature.

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Sugary Mist - Sugary Cove

I have often been asked what draws me out of the normal surroundings and into the track less beaten, I put it down to instinct and simply being inspired by nature. Letting nature lead me to where the photograph should take place.

Often on my travels through Devon I will have a planned shot list on leaving the house, but soon realise that where I’m drawn to will be far more dramatic and impactful once out on location. The instinct of reading the correct light, cloud formations and where to setup the camera comes from spending as much time as possible interacting with these environments.

Sugary Mist - Sugary Cove - Dartmouth is one such shot, not the one I had in min don leaving but this shot blew me away when I saw it in camera.

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