Sunday 17 March 2013

New exhibition spaces for 2013 - Fine art landscape photography

Foreshadow, Dartmoor National Park
Craig Howarth Landscape Photographer
We have been busy getting ready for two new exhibitions this week, the first exhibition titled "The Search Begins" starts this coming week, with another exhibition going live later this month.

Busy exhibiting, and now busy shooting for "The Search" very exciting 2013...

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Aviemore in heavy snow - Fine Art Landscape Photographer

Aviemore in heavy snow by Craig Howarth, Fine Art Landscape Photographer
Here is an image from a shoot in Aviemore four years ago, amazing snow that year, just seem to be falling perfectly and so unspoiled every location we went to...

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Friday 8 March 2013

Dartmoor Landscape in Black & White - National Park

Enduring - Dartmoor Landscape by Black and White Fine Art Photographer Craig Howarth

Dartmoor National Park
Image Title: Enduring
Fine Art Landscape Photographer: Craig Howarth

Dartmoor National Park, is such an enjoyable place to enjoy the environment, the landscape, the skies and the weather make it the perfect place for any Fine Art Landscape Photographer, it is quickly becoming one of my favourite locations...

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Current work on display at White Sails Gallery & Stokeley Farm - Dartmouth.

Friday 1 March 2013

Road Trip Going nowhere - SOLOMANGO

Craig Howarth Fine Art Photogarpher - USA - UK - FRANCE
Great piece written about my american travel images:

"There’s a melancholy nostalgia about this series of photographs that harks back to more optimistic days; Photographer Craig Howarth’s focus on fading icons and logos reminds us of a sunnier time when the US’ love affair with the motor car was at its height, when the open road beckoned and when Elvis would be the soundtrack to our top down road trip. "

Thanks Solomango... CRAIG