Sunday 9 September 2012

Photography Courses Devon

Photography Courses Devon
Craig Howarth fine art photographer who is now based in the idyllic coastline of Devon. He is to host one of his [ Easy on the Pocket workshops ] at Lupton House, Brixham Road, Churston Ferrers  throughout Autumn this year.

The workshops are entitled Inspired by the Sea. Craig will show photographers with varying degrees of experience how to:

* Create stunning long exposures
* Acquire fine inspiration sources
* Get the most out of the camera
* Organise post capture workflow
* Develop the image to gain results
* Understand the print production processes
* Market as a photographer

£30 per person
BOOK NOW 01803 845800

To view more of my Fine Art landscape photography please visit:

+44 (0)7540 884601

On display at White Sails Gallery & Stokeley Farm - Dartmouth.